About Us




The management team of Rushmore Group has more than 5 years of heavy equipment brokerage experience and has worked for a variety of industries, including in agriculture, infrastructure, quarry & mining, power generation and manufacturing. Moreover, we remain the leading exporters of fertilizers and plant feed products manufactured in Central Asia and feature a unique specialization into hard commodities.

Among our list of accomplishments, we truly pride ourselves on having an extensive network of business partners, and the way that we have uniquely tailored our approach to each industry. We honed these strategies through intense analysis of associated markets and now use this expertise to identify trends in demand, which allow us to seamlessly connect the supplier and the client, and set them up for success. Our primary aim has always been to maintain our leading spot in the heavy equipment brokerage business by exceeding expectations — that’s why our model is centered around using the most innovative solutions to create profitable relationships between suppliers and their customers.

Our Main Markets

  • Middle East – UAE, Oman
  • Central Asia – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
  • Turkey