The management team of Rushmore Group has more than 5 years of heavy equipment brokerage experience and has worked for a variety of industries, including in agriculture, infrastructure, quarry & mining, power generation and manufacturing. Moreover, we remain the leading exporters of fertilizers and plant feed products manufactured in Central Asia and feature a unique specialization into hard commodities.


Among our list of accomplishments, we truly pride ourselves on having an extensive network of business partners, and the way that we have uniquely tailored our approach to each industry. We honed these strategies through intense analysis of associated markets and now use this expertise to identify trends in demand, which allow us to seamlessly connect the supplier and the client, and set them up for success. Our primary aim has always been to maintain our leading spot in the heavy equipment brokerage business by exceeding expectations — that’s why our model is centered around using the most innovative solutions to create profitable relationships between suppliers and their customers.

Heavy Equipment and Plant Machinery Suppliers



We help broker heavy equipment contracts for construction, agriculture-related building, infrastructural reconstructions and for handling of materials.


Rushmore Group offers a wide range of automotive vehicles for industrial, construction and agricultural-related purposes.


We are always able to acquire high quality products and equipment for our customers at best values, and tailor it to the specific industry of the business.

With more than 5 years of experience in heavy equipment industries, Rushmore Group is one of the leading machinery spare parts suppliers in UAE. We serve a variety of industries such as infrastructure, construction equipment supplier in dubai, power generation, and mining with high-quality machinery supplies. Whether you are looking for earthmoving machinery spare parts dealer, construction machinery spare parts dealer, or machinery spare parts dealer for any other industry, Rushmore Group is your one-stop solution for all your needs.

As one of the best machinery spare parts suppliers Dubai, we are a well-known stockist, distributor, and supplier of earthmoving machinery spare parts, excavator spare parts, engine components, and other Heavy Equipment Suppliers in Dubai. We offer machinery equipment, replacement parts, and aftermarket spare parts of popular manufacturers for various requirements and applications.

Rushmore Group is one of the UAE’s largest and high quality machinery spare parts suppliers that believe in quality and genuine material and supplies. Our wide range of new as well as aftermarket machinery spare parts are used in all kinds of heavy and earthmoving machinery. We supply spare parts for bulldozers, excavators, motor graders, wheel loaders, and other machinery at the best market price. We also supply spare parts for various industrial engines as per the requirements.

What are heavy machinery spare parts?

Earthmoving and other heavy machinery are used in various construction, manufacturing, and mining industries to perform heavy tasks. These are usually heavy-duty vehicles and use hydraulic drives, cylinders, and power motors to perform construction operations, move large objects, dig foundations, break rocks, and many other activities that a normal person is not capable of. The parts used in these powerful machines are designed to handle heavy tasks and loads for various applications.

Over the period, with continuous use, these machinery parts break down or don’t perform at their 100% capacity and reduce efficiency and performance. This is where an earthmoving machinery spare parts dealer like Rushmore Group can help you get robust and high functionality spare parts for all kinds of heavy machinery. Heavy machinery spare parts are manufactured as per the OEM standards for smooth operations. We work with the best manufacturers of heavy machinery parts to deliver functional and dimensional precision.

Features of spare parts at Rushmore Group

  • As per predefined OEM standards and measures
  • Genuine and high quality material
  • Functional and Dimensional Precision
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Higher operational life
  • Wide range of utility
  • Best market price 

Why choose us?

At Rushmore Group, quality assurance and customer satisfaction is our primary motto. We perform a quality analysis check to test the quality of all products before the final dispatch. Our products are made of genuine material as per the industry standards for heavy-duty operations. As one of the largest machinery spare parts suppliers in UAE, we never go out of stock and you can place your order in any quantity as per your requirements. We are capable of handling all kinds of orders to fulfill your demands; you can trust us as one of the Best Machinery spare parts suppliers Dubai for your needs.

For any query and inquiry related to the pricing and quality of our earthmoving machinery spare parts and other heavy machinery parts, you can directly contact us via email or a call. Our product experts will help you with all the information and details as per your requirements.